June 13, 2013


New York & Co. Peplum Top (similar), J. Crew Scout Chino, J. Crew Belt, Vince Camuto Sandals, F21 Sunglasses

Today has just been filled with little reminders of the past. For example, I took an exam via Scantron, something I haven't seen or used since graduating high school. What I wore today is oddly nostalgic as well. While the nostalgia isn't in the typical sense of fondly looking back, it made me realize that my taste has definitely evolved over the last 4-6 years of my life. My younger self used to scoff at anything leopard printed and stray far away from peplum (I just couldn't imagine how it'd be flattering), and look at me now, wearing both at the same time. That being said, when I (as a 14 year old) said I'd be shopping at J. Crew in my later years, I wasn't kidding. I was inspired by this image (below) on tumblr to purchase a peplum top. I think the simplicity + texture got to me; either that or peplum complements her extremely slender figure perfectly, tricking my mind into wanting one, too. As for leopard print, less is definitely more; I think I like the pattern as an extra embellishment to an outfit.

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  1. Love the leopard belt and the white peplum top!