June 29, 2013

Romp & Play

  Floral Romper (from overseas), Chelsea & Violet Cardigan, F21 Belt, Call It Spring Sandals

I know people have mixed feelings about rompers/playsuits, but I personally love them. A whole outfit in one piece? Yes, please. I bought this romper at a night market in Taiwan a couple years back, and it's still something I wear every summer. It's also one of the few floral prints I have in my closet. Typically, I'm not a fan of floral just because the colors aren't my taste or the print looks too granny, but this print caught my eye.  It has just the right amount of floral without looking outdated, and the colors blend beautifully together. On top of that, I'm in love with the zipper detailing in the front. To balance out the shortness of the romper, I paired it with a sheer, beaded cardigan.

(Thanks to one of my roommates for these photos)

June 28, 2013

Sale Sunday

J. Crew Rugby Dress, Zara Sandals (similar), H&M Belt, F21 Sunglasses

My best friend from home visited over the weekend, so I was determined to show all the different facets of Houston (check out what else we did here). We decided to visit the Galleria after brunch at Backstreet Cafe (highly recommended), so I was able to visit the Zara sale. I'd been eyeing a couple pairs of shoes on the website, but most of them were out of my size, so I hoped for better luck in store. Remember this post? Well, I finally found a pair of my own! Marked down from $50 to $30, this pair of low heels has the perfect combination of neutrals. I was extremely lucky to find them (and in the right size) because they were the only pair I saw in the whole store. Additionally, J. Crew was having an extra 25% off sale, so I couldn't help myself but go take a look. At the register, I was surprised with another additional 25% off! It was originally $88, but after all the markdowns, I took it home for $25. I'd say it was a good day to shop. This shift dress caught my attention because it's a thicker material that won't wrinkle or ride up as easily as a thin cotton dress; cinch it with a colorful belt, and it's brunch ready!

 (Photos courtesy of one of my roommates)

June 27, 2013

Grand Opening

One of the many activities I planned for my best friend's stay over the weekend was to attend the opening day of the Houston Food Park. I invited a friend from school as well since I knew, as a foodie, she'd appreciate the event. Due to city regulations against propane-fueled trucks, many food trucks aren't allowed to park in the downtown area, so Houston has never had a particular area where food trucks could gather. Houston Food Park provides a space that borderlines the downtown area for people to go and have a wide variety of food trucks to choose from for lunch and dinner.

While I'm an avid fan of food trucks, I also wanted to give my friend a glimpse of the outdoor activities that many Houstonians are willing to brave the summer heat for. There was quite a turn-out with live music, a shaded area from the sun, and of course, delicious street food. I know I'll definitely be returning!

 Admiring the street art

American Eagle Embroidered Top, DIY Cut-off Jean Shorts, Cole Haan Crossbody, UO Studded Belt, Call It Spring Sandals, Ray Ban Aviators

June 24, 2013

Retro Classic

J. Crew Pocket Tee, Levi's 550, Gap Belt

When I'm having the closet-full-of-clothes-but-nothing-to-wear dilemma, I reach for the infallible pieces: a classic white tee and high-waisted jean shorts. I don't think the combination of a simple white t-shirt and jeans will ever go out of style. If only white shirts didn't deteriorate so fast and stain easily or else I'd be wearing them on the daily. Personally, I don't like form fitting t-shirts because I want to feel comfortable and unrestricted when wearing a t-shirt. Since classic fit t-shirts aren't usually sold in the women's section, I ventured to the men's. As for my jean shorts, I simply picked up an $8 pair of Levi's at Goodwill and chopped the legs off! Such a simple but rewarding DIY.

June 19, 2013


F21 Knit Sweater, F21 Shorts, Thrifted Belt, Charming Charlie Headband, Fossil Watch, Naturalizer Penny Loafers

Any time I want to keep an outfit from looking too casual, I just add some gold details. The easiest way to do this is through accessorizing. Gold automatically infuses luxury into a look, and whether it's real or fake, no one will know! I wear my watch every day not only because it's so useful but also because it gives whatever I'm wearing that day an extra touch. As a student, it's not always comfortable wearing fashion forward items just because I'm always walking around campus with a backpack or dealing with different climates indoors and outdoors. In result, I tend to keep what I'm wearing as simple as possible but accessorize with metallic accents.

June 18, 2013

An Exciting Find

I track certain hashtags on tumblr of my favorite celebrity fashion icons (promise I'm not a stalker; just a fashion stalker). One of my favorite people to look to for inspiration is classic beauty Olivia Palermo. She combines sophistication and elegance with a slight edge and always accessorizes to look like a million bucks. She rocks the shoulder-length hair perfectly and was actually my inspiration to take the plunge and cut my long hair short. While she may have been portrayed as the mean girl on the reality TV show The City, I'd like to give her the benefit of the doubt; her taste in fashion is just too amazing for me to hate on her.

While I was scrolling through all things Olivia Palermo on tumblr, I saw this picture (below) and was immediately ecstatic because I wore something similar in my last post (peplum top + leopard belt + capri pants)! I won't lie; I'm pretty happy that I'm thinking on her level.

Olivia Palermo looking classy and magnificent

June 13, 2013


New York & Co. Peplum Top (similar), J. Crew Scout Chino, J. Crew Belt, Vince Camuto Sandals, F21 Sunglasses

Today has just been filled with little reminders of the past. For example, I took an exam via Scantron, something I haven't seen or used since graduating high school. What I wore today is oddly nostalgic as well. While the nostalgia isn't in the typical sense of fondly looking back, it made me realize that my taste has definitely evolved over the last 4-6 years of my life. My younger self used to scoff at anything leopard printed and stray far away from peplum (I just couldn't imagine how it'd be flattering), and look at me now, wearing both at the same time. That being said, when I (as a 14 year old) said I'd be shopping at J. Crew in my later years, I wasn't kidding. I was inspired by this image (below) on tumblr to purchase a peplum top. I think the simplicity + texture got to me; either that or peplum complements her extremely slender figure perfectly, tricking my mind into wanting one, too. As for leopard print, less is definitely more; I think I like the pattern as an extra embellishment to an outfit.

June 12, 2013

Neon Nautical

Ann Taylor Blazer, J. Crew Tee (similar & on sale!), Gap Shorts (similar), F21 Sunglasses

I decided to brave the cold (classroom) today and wear shorts. To balance that out, I made sure to layer on more durable elements on top. The tee is actually a thicker material, and the blazer ($10 Goodwill find) added another layer of warmth. I'm sure most people thought I was crazy for wearing a black blazer on such a sunny and humid day, but as long as I can make it through class, I'll do whatever it takes. The sunglasses I wore today resemble the iconic Ray-Ban Wayfarers; Wayfarers don't frame my face properly (or please my wallet), so I was thrilled when I saw a budget-friendly substitute at Forever 21 that had a more flattering fit. In my book, $6 is better than $150+ any day.

June 11, 2013

Sheer Cut

Nasty Gal Cut-Out Blouse, American Rag Jeans, Aerie Lace Bandeau, Urban Outfitters Belt, Ray-Ban Aviators, Naturalizer Penny Loafers

The weather today was extremely humid, so wearing a sheer chiffon blouse was probably not the best idea. The blouse is probably one of the few "edgy" pieces in my closet as I tend to play it safe when shopping (I'm trying to branch out) It has two cut-outs in the back near the shoulder blades and a slight high-low hemline. I already own a plethora of button-up blouses, but I reasoned with myself that this blouse would be a unique addition. I aimed for a casual yet streamlined look, so I paired the blouse with some light-washed jeans and penny loafers.

June 10, 2013

Comfort in the Classroom


   H&M Top, Gap Khakis, Vince Camuto Sandals

I tend to wear pants or jeans during the weekdays just because I'm in class for four hours a day, and the rooms are too cold to handle (I am extremely sensitive to cooler temperatures, unfortunately). It's always a struggle finding pants and jeans that fit me properly since the lengths are usually too long or the ankle areas are too loose. When I found these skinny mini skimmer khakis from Gap, I knew I hit the jackpot and was willing to pay a bit extra for them since I knew they would be a versatile staple. The khakis end slightly below my ankle and have a relaxed but fitted silhouette. I cuffed them today for a more casual look and wore a pair of black sandals for comfort. For work attire or something dressier, I'd pair them with a white blouse, blazer, and nude flats.

June 09, 2013

Something To Look Forward To

Gianni Bini Dress, Kate Landry Crossbody, Fossil Watch, Vince Camuto Bangle, LC Lauren Conrad Platform Heels

I've never been in the habit of having brunch (I actually can't remember the last time I had brunch), but for this week, my friends and I decided on a brunch outing at Benjy's as something we could eagerly anticipate. What better way to explore the city of Houston but through food; you really can't go wrong with trying out new cuisines and enjoying the ambiances of each restaurant. Ambiance has become a much bigger factor for me when choosing restaurants just because many restaurants in Houston do a fantastic job on making their places unique. The restaurant experience has turned into a feast for both my taste buds and eyes!

Here's to the rest of summer and a little something to look forward to each week.

A Different Kind of Sandal

1 // Dolce Vita$158
2 // Ted Baker London; $200
3 // J. Crew; $198
4 // Marvin K; $350
5 // Zara; $70
6 // Prada; $720 $423 (on sale)
7 // Valentino; $745 $447 (on sale)
8 // Sam Edelman; $100 $70 (on sale)
9 // Rachel Zoe; $295 $118 (on sale)*

Since I'm vertically challenged (5'2"), I appreciate any sort of heel, whether it's 1 inch or 5 inches. As much as I'd like to wear heels every day, I know my feet would not be thanking me for the treatment. Luckily, the trend of a lower and chunkier heel is up and coming. This means more support and comfort for your feet while still adding a bit of height to your shoes! Now all I need to do is find a pair that are reasonably priced for my college student budget.

*As much as I'd like to purchase all of these shoes I've showcased, I just want to clarify that these prices are sadly but definitely out of my price range (even at $70). I chose these shoes because I feel they are perfect examples of this type of heel.

June 06, 2013

Weekend Recap

My lovely roommate and me

Passion Pit greatly exceeded my expectations

As close as I could get to Calvin Harris

Free Press Summer Festival was exhausting but such a great experience. The weather was actually bearable (particularly the second day). I'm already looking forward to the announcement of next summer's artist line-up!

What I wore (unfortunately not pictured):
Day 1
Cami: Aerie (similar)
Shorts: Levis (similar; mine were a thrift store DIY)
Bandeau: Gilly Hicks (similar)
Sunglasses: F21 (similar)
Shoes: Gap x Keds (similar)

Day 2
Top: F21 (similar)
Shorts: AE (similar)
Bikini: Victoria's Secret
Sunglasses: F21
Shoes: Call It Spring (similar)