June 09, 2013

A Different Kind of Sandal

1 // Dolce Vita$158
2 // Ted Baker London; $200
3 // J. Crew; $198
4 // Marvin K; $350
5 // Zara; $70
6 // Prada; $720 $423 (on sale)
7 // Valentino; $745 $447 (on sale)
8 // Sam Edelman; $100 $70 (on sale)
9 // Rachel Zoe; $295 $118 (on sale)*

Since I'm vertically challenged (5'2"), I appreciate any sort of heel, whether it's 1 inch or 5 inches. As much as I'd like to wear heels every day, I know my feet would not be thanking me for the treatment. Luckily, the trend of a lower and chunkier heel is up and coming. This means more support and comfort for your feet while still adding a bit of height to your shoes! Now all I need to do is find a pair that are reasonably priced for my college student budget.

*As much as I'd like to purchase all of these shoes I've showcased, I just want to clarify that these prices are sadly but definitely out of my price range (even at $70). I chose these shoes because I feel they are perfect examples of this type of heel.

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