June 18, 2013

An Exciting Find

I track certain hashtags on tumblr of my favorite celebrity fashion icons (promise I'm not a stalker; just a fashion stalker). One of my favorite people to look to for inspiration is classic beauty Olivia Palermo. She combines sophistication and elegance with a slight edge and always accessorizes to look like a million bucks. She rocks the shoulder-length hair perfectly and was actually my inspiration to take the plunge and cut my long hair short. While she may have been portrayed as the mean girl on the reality TV show The City, I'd like to give her the benefit of the doubt; her taste in fashion is just too amazing for me to hate on her.

While I was scrolling through all things Olivia Palermo on tumblr, I saw this picture (below) and was immediately ecstatic because I wore something similar in my last post (peplum top + leopard belt + capri pants)! I won't lie; I'm pretty happy that I'm thinking on her level.

Olivia Palermo looking classy and magnificent

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