July 22, 2013

Before Sunrise

Last night my roommates convinced me to watch Before Sunrise (100% from critics!), a romantic drama about two people who meet on a train and spend a day together exploring Vienna and as well as each other's thoughts, quirks, and histories. I was very impressed by the movie; it's mainly conversation based with very little action, but the acting is terrific. It's definitely a deeper and more philosophical romantic feature and made me think about those taken or missed impromptu chances in life and where they (could have) lead. This is the first installment of a three part series, and the last part just released this past May. I'm definitely going to finish the other films when I have the time.

The film came out in 1995, and the fashion trends of that time are very obvious in the film. I hated Ethan Hawke's hair, but I understand that was probably due to the 90's. On the other hand, Celine, the French student played by Julie Delpy, wears a combination of a brown drop-back maxi dress layered over a simple t-shirt with a flannel button-up tied carelessly around her hips. Interestingly enough, I can definitely see women today wearing a modern version of her outfit. While I may not be tying shirts around my waist any time soon, I've definitely seen the trend on other bloggers and off-duty models. Personally, I would love to be able to rock a drop-back maxi dress (like the one below) as effortlessly as Celine.

July 17, 2013

Floral Flow

Romper (from overseas; similar), F21 Sweater

My aunt bought this romper for me as a souvenir/gift when I visited Taiwan a couple of years ago (where I also got this romper). It's funny that the only two rompers I own are both from Taiwan, and they're still some of my favorite pieces in my closet. I'm honestly surprised they've lasted so long through all the extensive wear  I've put them through. I decided to change it up this time and wear the bottom of the romper as shorts by knotting a sweater on top. As soon as I walked outside this morning, I was immediately thankful for wearing a sweater as the weather was slightly chilly due to the rain. In retrospect, I guess I was channeling the Zara flowing shorts (here and here) I saw while online shopping (can you tell I've been kind of obsessed?).

July 16, 2013

All in One

Double-Zero Scalloped Top (similar), AE High-Waisted Shorts, Charming Charlie Necklace, F21 Sunglasses

Last year, while searching (and still searching) for scalloped and lace shorts, I found this adorable top on sale on Nasty Gal. Unfortunately, when I bought it, it was in the middle of winter, so it's been stuck hanging in my closet; but now that summer is going strong, it's the perfect top (simple but intricate) for those hot & humid days. Not only does it have two tiers of scalloped edges, but it also has a surprise open back, adding a bit of sexiness to an otherwise cutesy top. I'm especially happy it came in a chartreuse color because I typically don't lean towards yellows and greens.

July 10, 2013

My Picks

1 // 2 // 3 // 4

Ever since I've had to start shopping for (casual) work-friendly clothing, I've been on the lookout for pants whenever I go shopping. As someone with a short and fuller lower body, finding pants that fit properly is an arduous task. The only pair that have really fit me right off the bat were mentioned in this post. That being said, a girl can still hope for other pairs of pants that fit! Printed pants (in the form of trousers, jeans, and even khakis) can be seen in just about every retail store for women. I think the trick to pulling them off is to find a pair that has the correct fit and pattern for your body type. For me, a fitted ankle is crucial to avoid adding more weight to my legs. I'd say purchasing printed pants is a big step for me since I always lean towards solids, but I'm always willing to try new things (keyword: try). I've picked out some of the trousers I've been eyeing on the Zara website (bonus: they're all on sale!), but I'm still debating whether I should take the plunge or take a chance that they'll later be reduced even more...

(Note: I know option 3 isn't printed, but I really liked the leather trouser's zipper detailing on the side)

July 09, 2013

Three for Triniti

 Rustic + elegant design
Loved the menu on a clipboard (checks were on mini clipboards, too)
My beautiful friends
 What's brunch without bubbly?
Triniti's Hot Brown Bennie (their take on Eggs Benedict)

I wasn't planning on going to brunch this past weekend, but when one of my roommates invited me to go to Triniti, I couldn't pass it up. At first I was hesitant to go since Triniti isn't known for being affordable, but after looking up its brunch menu, I discovered the brunch pricing was perfect for my budget ($12 entrees!). The whole experience was fantastic with attentive staff, calm atmosphere, deep conversations, and delicious food. For their Hot Brown Bennie, they used a mornay sauce instead of the usual hollandaise. While I love hollandaise sauce, I found the mornay sauce even creamier and enjoyable. This meal was a perfect way to tie the long weekend together.

July 08, 2013

Two Day Getaway

 Spent Independence Day by Lake Travis
 Set off personal fireworks with friends
Can't forget sparklers
At the (welcoming) cool waters of Barton Springs
Adorable dogs were abundant
Spotted the largest colony of urban bats
Beautiful sunset + downtown Austin skyline

For the 4th and 5th, I, along with many other friends, went up to the capital and stayed at a friend's lake house for the holiday weekend. While I could only stay two nights, due to work on Saturday, the trip was exactly the kind of break I needed. Most of the time, we were outdoors swimming in Lake Travis, lounging on my friend's beautiful porch, wading around in Barton Springs, or playing volleyball (I attempted to play). All the physical activity was a welcome change from my Houston lifestyle. I've been to Austin multiple times, and each time I leave liking it even more. If I had to could choose which city in Texas I could end up in, my first pick would be Austin.

July 01, 2013


Wooden installation at Canopy
My first eggs benedict (new fan of poached eggs)

My Alternative Spring Break (ASB) group from the past year had a mini-reunion over brunch at Canopy. I can't say I didn't have anything to do with suggesting the restaurant since Canopy has been on my list of places to try. The ambiance was very peaceful with many green motifs, and there didn't seem to be the typical hustle and bustle among the staff during Sunday brunch, which I highly enjoyed. Overall, I had a great time catching up with everyone as I rarely see most of them on campus. Hopefully we'll plan another group outing sometime before the summer ends. As for what I wore, I decided to stick to the basics with chinos, a silk blouse that I stole from my mother's closet long ago, and my (new) Zara sandals (last seen here).

 Charter Club Silk Blouse, J. Crew Scout Chino (last seen here), Zara Sandals (not pictured)