July 10, 2013

My Picks

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Ever since I've had to start shopping for (casual) work-friendly clothing, I've been on the lookout for pants whenever I go shopping. As someone with a short and fuller lower body, finding pants that fit properly is an arduous task. The only pair that have really fit me right off the bat were mentioned in this post. That being said, a girl can still hope for other pairs of pants that fit! Printed pants (in the form of trousers, jeans, and even khakis) can be seen in just about every retail store for women. I think the trick to pulling them off is to find a pair that has the correct fit and pattern for your body type. For me, a fitted ankle is crucial to avoid adding more weight to my legs. I'd say purchasing printed pants is a big step for me since I always lean towards solids, but I'm always willing to try new things (keyword: try). I've picked out some of the trousers I've been eyeing on the Zara website (bonus: they're all on sale!), but I'm still debating whether I should take the plunge or take a chance that they'll later be reduced even more...

(Note: I know option 3 isn't printed, but I really liked the leather trouser's zipper detailing on the side)

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