July 22, 2013

Before Sunrise

Last night my roommates convinced me to watch Before Sunrise (100% from critics!), a romantic drama about two people who meet on a train and spend a day together exploring Vienna and as well as each other's thoughts, quirks, and histories. I was very impressed by the movie; it's mainly conversation based with very little action, but the acting is terrific. It's definitely a deeper and more philosophical romantic feature and made me think about those taken or missed impromptu chances in life and where they (could have) lead. This is the first installment of a three part series, and the last part just released this past May. I'm definitely going to finish the other films when I have the time.

The film came out in 1995, and the fashion trends of that time are very obvious in the film. I hated Ethan Hawke's hair, but I understand that was probably due to the 90's. On the other hand, Celine, the French student played by Julie Delpy, wears a combination of a brown drop-back maxi dress layered over a simple t-shirt with a flannel button-up tied carelessly around her hips. Interestingly enough, I can definitely see women today wearing a modern version of her outfit. While I may not be tying shirts around my waist any time soon, I've definitely seen the trend on other bloggers and off-duty models. Personally, I would love to be able to rock a drop-back maxi dress (like the one below) as effortlessly as Celine.

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  1. Oh yes, that movie is great. You should watch the other parts too! And if I'm not wrong, I think that part 3 or 4 just came out!