July 09, 2013

Three for Triniti

 Rustic + elegant design
Loved the menu on a clipboard (checks were on mini clipboards, too)
My beautiful friends
 What's brunch without bubbly?
Triniti's Hot Brown Bennie (their take on Eggs Benedict)

I wasn't planning on going to brunch this past weekend, but when one of my roommates invited me to go to Triniti, I couldn't pass it up. At first I was hesitant to go since Triniti isn't known for being affordable, but after looking up its brunch menu, I discovered the brunch pricing was perfect for my budget ($12 entrees!). The whole experience was fantastic with attentive staff, calm atmosphere, deep conversations, and delicious food. For their Hot Brown Bennie, they used a mornay sauce instead of the usual hollandaise. While I love hollandaise sauce, I found the mornay sauce even creamier and enjoyable. This meal was a perfect way to tie the long weekend together.

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