August 12, 2013


Romper (last seen here), Sag Harbor Shirt, Zara Sandals, Charming Charlie Necklace, Ray Ban Aviators

Today was definitely a lazy day. After a sudden wake-up call from a false fire alarm at 9:30 in the morning, I decided to snuggle back into bed. The chances to just go back to sleep are slimming down since I'll be heading back to campus in a couple days and the semester begins at the end of August. I'm anxious about this upcoming year since I know it's going to take endurance. Here's to hoping there will be good memories made as well!

I wanted my outfit to be as least constricting as possible today, so I layered a t-shirt over my floral romper. Basically it felt like I was wearing pajamas! Remember this post? Well, I managed to pick up the Zara pair for more than half off. I didn't even think they would be marked down that low and have my size in stock. Lucky find, I guess. I'm really enjoying the slight height boost whenever I wear them. They'll probably be my favorite go-to sandal for school.


  1. I love this lazy look! Also looove your nailpolish. :)


  2. You look really nice! I wanted to thank you for visiting my blog earlier and good luck on your upcoming year!