February 11, 2014

When It Gets Cold...

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... whip out your boots!

The weather in Houston has been extremely crummy. I know, I know -- how bad can weather get down south? Well, not only has it been abnormally cold for Houston, we've also been getting a large amount of rain. I'm just glad flooding hasn't become an issue.

I discovered a love for boots in high school, and I honestly don't know how my feet (and ankles) survived the cold for so long without them. For the chilly temperatures, I have four pairs of boots on constant rotation (as shown above). I'd consider these four options staples to a college student's wardrobe since they pair with just about any outfit and can be dressed up or down.

The Riding Boot // These boots add another level of sleekness to anything that you're wearing. They're extremely comfortable (I can wear mine for 7+ hour standing work shifts) and are classic. Invest in a good pair, and they'll last you for at least five years. Personally, I love them in cognac or black.

The Rain Boot // These are a college student must-have for those days when the rain is pouring, and campus is filled with mud and puddles. Whether you choose tall or short rain boots, just make sure they fit your feet well. They obviously won't stretch with wear since they're made out of rubber, so fit is crucial! I love rain boots in bright and rich hues since they add a pop of color to those dreary wet and cold days.

The Military Boot // These are the perfect casual boots. They add some edge to anything you wear and are great for those days where you feel lazy but still want to look like you tried. Wear them with a dress + stockings, jeans, or leggings, and they'll still look great! The only downside is that these do take some time to break in depending on how stiff the boots are.

The Ankle Boot // These are my favorite for this winter. They're so versatile, whether you want to look casual or polished, and they give you a boost in the height department. Tip: find a pair with a heel and sole that are comfortable to walk in; there's no point in buying painful shoes that you want to wear everyday but can't. I prefer a pair in black since most winter clothes are dark. This way my legs look more streamlined.


  1. Fun picks! Loving the black booties!


  2. Been wanting to get military boots!! I hear they have some cute ones at Target actually! Also, loving your blog!

    Dana Ivy
    www.iadorewhatilove.com - Check out my blog!!