September 16, 2014

Age Like Fine Wine

(the beach in St Malo, France)

Hello, from an almost 3-month long hiatus! Summer break ended about a month ago, and school is in full swing once again. It's my very last semester of college; the thought makes me quiver with uncertainty and anticipation. This coming December I'll have a degree and start living as a "real person," as my friends and I like to jokingly call the post-undergrad life (job included). If all goes to plan, I'll only be a "real person" for the spring semester, work my two part-time jobs, and head off to pharmacy school next August. Goodness, I hope it all goes to plan.

Remember this post? Well, lucky for me, I was able to conquer my PCAT and then spend the most amazing three weeks in France learning about wine. Best summer in college? I think so. Honestly, 2014 has been such a fruitful year for me that I'm a little worried about 2015... my inner pessimist is peeking out -- shhh!

To document my wine trip around France, I decided to skip out on a text blog and challenge myself to vlog (video + blog) instead. I felt like even if I took thousands of photos, I wouldn't be able to capture the magic of France in still images. I'm not a natural on camera, but I tried. I think I get better as the vlogs go. The beginning of the trip felt especially unreal because I couldn't believe I was in the country I'd only dreamed of visiting. The people, the language, the culture -- I just couldn't get enough. Of course, the wine was always delicious. I didn't bother feeling guilty for having wine during meals because it was the norm, and I had to for research anyways ;) Now that I'm back in the U.S., I'm over my $7 go-to bottle at HEB. I need an upgrade that won't break the bank. If you have any recommendations, please help a girl out!

Here's the first vlog out of five!

Disclaimer: the video quality is quite awful for the first few vlogs due to my old laptop's inability to properly edit my video files.

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