September 24, 2014

Age Like Fine Wine (Part 2)

Lucca Couture Dress, J. Crew Skirt, Converse Sneakers, Vintage Crossbody
(Hanging out with a machine ant at the Machines of the Isle of Nantes exhibit)

My second vlog contains all of my adventures in Nantes, France. Nantes marked my first time actually traveling alone and my first (ever) wine tour. Unfortunately, I didn't take the time to make sure my old beat-up Converse were fit for walking all day, so I ended up with horribly blistered heels and ankles for most of my trip. Thankfully, all of the sales in France were happening while I was there, so I picked up a cheap pair of sandals at the local Zara. My feet were so relieved! Note to self when traveling: pack appropriate footwear. Contrary to what I was told, people in France do wear sandals and shorts during the summer, so don't make my mistake of not packing either of those items...

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