May 26, 2014

Dress Smart

It's a constant battle between my contacts and me. Maybe it's because I have monthly prescriptions or generally dry eyes, but contacts are rarely completely comfortable for me. That's why I'm so grateful for the rise of trendy prescription glasses. Glasses are no longer just for vision correction but also for self expression. Companies such as Warby Parker have really set the standard on "hipster" glasses or fashionable eyewear, and the glasses are pretty affordable! A friend of mine referred me to Coastal, an online retailer for prescription eyewear, since they have a first pair free deal. All I had to do was pick a pair of glasses, pay shipping and handling (less than $10), and I've been happy with my purchase from day one.

I like to correlate glasses with intelligence and sophistication since, back in the day, people mainly wore glasses to help them read. I can only hope people think that of me when I wear mine. Honestly, I wear glasses whenever I'm in a rush or want my eyes to breathe, but it's nice to know glasses can double as a stylish accessory! I love the combination of glasses, a classic ensemble, and a bright lip. I know, I know; how much more J. Crew can I get?

(photos courtesy of my roommate)

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