April 19, 2013

On the Wall

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I'm moving into an apartment with two of my friends in less than a month, and all I can think about is how we should decorate. Of course, I'm on a college student budget, so my criterion is practicality with aesthetics. To make the apartment feel more like home, I've been searching for wallet-friendly DIY wall decorations that will provide a touch of personality. Here are some ideas that have stood out to me:

// I often get bogged down and distracted by the endless worries of school and often forget to step back and look at the big picture. These simple (but effective) framed memos would be great reminders to keep on our walls. After all, we are only in our twenties, and we should make the most of the prime years of our lives.

// I am an avid reader of Aimee Song's blog Song of Style. For her DIY framed chalkboard, she uses a picture frame from the flea market to give the chalkboard some glam. She even filmed a how-to for her DIY. This adorable chalkboard would be great for grocery lists, to-do lists, or even passing thoughts to my roommates when we don't see each other often.

// Inspirational quotes are always nice to keep nearby. In times of doubt, I find reassurance in relatable quotes. The wooden backing + quote is a nice spin on the typical canvas + quote to hang on the wall. This quote is particularly meaningful to me as I truly believe in forming relationships with people I can be truthful with.

// I have a strong impulse to cover one wall in the apartment with a gold glitter chevron pattern. It's just too adorable to pass up. 


  1. I like #3, can't wait to see how apartment decoration ends up!

    1. Please come visit before you leave Houston for the summer! :)